About Me:

I was born into a musical family in Kansas City. My mother was a music teacher and an organist at the church and my grandmother played piano in the movie houses along with silent movies. When I was 12, Mom caught me playing air guitar to the Beatles, so she bought me my own electric guitar, signed me up for lessons, and I haven’t put it down since.

I started playing professionally when I was 15 and continued to do so while studying music performance and education at the University of Kansas. After touring the country with my band, I got married, and started a wonderful family. Since then, I’ve maintained an active band practice while helping people reach their musical goals through teaching private music lessons full-time ever since.


I have 30+ years of private teaching experience with students of all ages and all levels. I have taught hundreds of students ages 5-85 in all different styles of music and music theory on the guitar, bass, and ukulele. I also have a lot of experience accommodating special needs students. My professional expertise includes, but is not limited to: studio session work, live performance and songwriting.

My favorite feeling is when a student can’t stop smiling when they’re able to make the sound they want to hear, because I tailor the lessons to their goals, not mine.


           (913) 244-3286

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