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About my lessons

Online platforms used (in order of preference):




Google Duo


I have 30+ years of experience teaching music lessons on the guitar, bass, and ukulele to students of all ages and all levels. 

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What to Expect before your first lesson:

Whether you're signing up as a new student or you've been taking lessons for awhile, it is important to come to your lesson prepared! Here are some things to have ready to go beforehand to save time during the lesson. Of course, if you're not confident in any of the items listed below, no problem! I will happily teach you so that you can be prepared in the future. This information is also outlined in the Lesson Policy.

1. Tune your instrument. If you don't know how, don't worry - I'll teach you. There are also plenty of useful tutorials on Youtube.

2. Gather your materials. This includes your instrument, any accessories you might have, and any additional learning resources you might want to discuss or learn from (books, charts, etc).

3. Come prepared to inform me of your motivations and goals​. It's very helpful for me to know why you want lessons. Are you playing for​ friends and family? Are you thinking of starting, or are part of a band? 

4. Come prepared to tell me what kind of music you listen to and would like to play. You might jot down a short list of songs you'd like to learn how to play so that I can get a sense of your taste and help carve your direction.

How to Pay:

Regular Students: Monthly tuition is due, in advance, by the first lesson of each month, and a $10 late fee will be assessed after the 7th of the month. I accept payments through Venmo, Apple Pay and Cash App (in that order of preference). 

Think you might be interested in taking lessons? Great! Please be sure to visit the Policy and FAQ pages to learn more before signing up.

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