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Lessons FAQ

Q: I'm just a beginner - is that ok?

A: Absolutely; about half of my students have no experience on their instrument. Total beginners make the best students, as they can easily establish proper learning habits right away.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Please refer to the Lessons page under the heading, "How to Pay" for detailed information regarding payment methods.


Q: What's your teaching method?

A: My method varies as it is tailored to the individual student's needs and goals. Early on, I like to have easy going conversations with my students to determine the best course of action. This could include fundamentals such as learning how to read music and/or guitar tabs, or as the intricacies of how to play your favorite song.


Q: Can you teach more than one student at a time? If so, how does this affect pricing?

A: I do not teach more than one student per time slot. From my experience, everyone has their own needs and learns at their own pace, so it is best to focus on each student individually. 


Q: I feel that I've really benefited from our lessons - what can I do to help?

A: Great! If you're happy with my service, the best thing you can do is recommend me to your friends and family! A large portion of my business is gained through word of mouth. I also have a running file of reviews I use on the "Testimonials" page. Just let me know if you'd like to contribute!


Q: Are there any age restrictions for taking lessons through you?

A: Typically I only take students over the age of 7, but I have made rare exceptions for students as young as 5 if they are able to maintain focus.

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